Hello from Setherino!

Greetings from Setherino Bambino. What’s new, what’s new? I’ll update every couple weeks to share what’s going on. At the moment, I’m playing gigs as much as I can, teaching many types of lessons (guitar, ukulele, songwriting, looping, etc) and continuing to write songs.  Some of the projects the that should be coming out within this coming year are my book and app called “Janie and the Hummingbird / Juanita y el Colibrí.” Perhaps, you’ve heard the song? Also, I’m awaiting the release of my first Hebrew album, “Livin’ the Chai Life,” which will be coming out on Cindercone Records.

My band, The Temporary Tattoos, recorded our first album a few backs back. It should be available in early 2018.

I hope you’re doing well and wishing you all the best with everything happening in your life. Please feel free to send me a message with questions or comments. Take care for now!

Hasta luego,  Seth