April 2018 Blog

Spring is in full swing, and that often brings about change. Though I love my life and community here, I feel a strong drive to explore someplace else for a while. In my lifetime I’ve learned to listen to the signs around me. My plan for now is to study Hebrew in Israel for two months this summer. As with anywhere I go, I will seek out musicians and musical opportunities. I would like to collaborate and write new songs in Israel in both English and Hebrew.

I had a renter lined up to rent my house, but she recently learned of a medical condition that will prevent her from being able to do that. Is this a sign for me to stay? I think it’s just an obstacle. Hopefully, by next month this will all be squared away. Also, I will go to Florida next week for an interview to see if I qualify for a certain type of visa that would allow me to work in Israel and stay there for an extended time.

In the past month I’ve also done some dating, but I have no love stories to speak of.  We’ll see what the next month will bring.

April 2018 Song of the Month

This month I have been thinking about all the different sides to life and to people and ourselves. This song is called “A Little Dab of Everything.” The videos clips are from Burning Man, Australia, New Zealand, and other travels. I experimented with different loops and beats.