July 2018 Blog

It’s technically November, but I wanted to go back and include blogs and events from past months. Fortunately, I’ve been keeping a pretty detailed journal, so I am looking through the pages to decide what to write about.

This month I have made many new friends at Haifa University. Some through my ulpan course, some through tennis, some through ping pong, and some playing music.

I was asked to play some music and lead some songs for the International School Shabbat dinner event.

I don’t play too much music in my dorm room because I don’t want to disturb anyone. I’m mostly focusing on studying Hebrew and connecting with people when I can. I love my Hebrew teacher, she is so sweet. She minds me of my Grandma Franka.

I don’t feel homesick at all yet. I was a little (a lot) sad when a possible love connection didn’t go as I’d hoped. Wow, twice in one year. This made the decision easier to decide to stay here a while, since the woman was not here. Let’s see how things go…


June 2018 Blog

This June is a very transitional time. Most of the month has been packing up my house, finalizing my travel plans, saying my goodbyes (or see you laters). I’ve got many gigs this month, which I love, but it’s also a challenge to get everything done.

I’m excited to dive into the great unknown. We shall see what lies ahead.

October 2018 Song of the Month

Wicked Game

My generation grew up with song, and I would say equally or more so grew up with the music video, as MTV and VH1 were staples in our everyday culture.

This is a great song to play with a looper. If you’ve never tried it, give it a whirl.

I’m performing here at a place called  in the Hadar neighborhood of Haifa. It was an absolutely gorgeous night. The people were kind, attentive, generous, engaging, and all around good spirited. Thanks to my friend Shimon for filming this video.

September 2018 Song of the Month

Deep Elem Blues

I was called up to play a few songs with this rockin’ band in Haifa, Israel at a place called Mayaana Habira. We’d never met nor played together. Some friends of mine who’d heard me play are friends with the owner and perhaps also with members of the band. Someone talked to someone who talked to someone, and there it was. I just called the key, and we were off to the races. That’s the magic of the blues, and the beauty of music in general.

I was in the computer lab at an English Institute I was teaching at in Santiago, Chile. I got to chatting with another teacher I had just met. When I told her I played music, she said, “You should play ‘Deep Elem Blues’. I’d heard of the song, but wasn’t too familiar. Thanks, Leslie.


August 2018 Song of the Month

Comfort Zone (or maybe called Started Slowly)

I wrote and recorded this playfully introspective tune in about 15 minutes. This was the first time I’ve experimented with the app Acapella (which allows me to be playing various tracks and be in all four frames.

This is a song about being humbled with day to day challenges and feeling like I’m not learning and progressing well enough or fast enough. Music helps untangle these thoughts. It doesn’t make the doubt and troubles go away, but it makes it easier to be in the moment.

July 2018 Song of the Month


This is my first song that I’ve written in Hebrew.

I had to do a presentation for my Hebrew Ulpan class.

I presented about friendship and the appreciation for music.

I wrote this song for this presentation.



June 2018 Blog

This has been a very full last month in New Mexico and the USA. I’m glad to have played so many gigs before I left. It was nice to see so many friends both old and new. In this time leading up to my great journey, it’s nice to play music. That always puts me at ease and feel at home  no matter where I am.

I’m writing this blog from the airport in Seattle. My planned journey for these 24 hours: Albuquerque -> Seattle -> Frankfurt -> Prague.  I’ll spend a couple days I. Prague visiting some friends, and then I’ll continue on to Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and then Haifa).

I’m still trying to get my Albuquerque house rented out, and I have faith that will happen. Who will I meet, where will I go, what will I see, what will I do, where will play, what will I write?

I wonder how you’re doing and what you’re dealing with. I wish you all the very best on your journey. Feel free to drop a line and say hello. Take care!

May 2018 Blog

Life has been full with lessons, playing gigs, writing songs, and planning the next year of my life.

I was feeling a bit stuck in a rut, even though I was doing many things I love.  I had to come to my own rescue and shake things up. Next month I will venture out to Israel to study Hebrew and have some new life experiences and see what shows up.

Stay tunes to see how things turn out. I’m sure excited to see how it all goes.