Seth Hoffman is a singer/songwriter/storyteller who has been writing and performing music for over 20 years. His eclectic style, humor and charm, coupled with his natural talent, have helped him build a devoted following in the Albuquerque area. Seth performs mostly original songs incorporating live looping vocal harmonies, soulful instrumentation (guitar, strumstick, harmonica), and playful (sometimes interactive) lyrics. He has been playing at events, festivals, breweries, summer camps, nursing homes, spiritual gatherings, and various other venues in the United States and around the world. Seth connects well with audiences of all ages to create a positive atmosphere for everyone.

         As a college student in Madison, WI, Seth played the local coffee house and folk scene. When he was 21, he backpacked around Europe and was a street musician in Amsterdam, Prague, London, Paris, Venice and Barcelona.

After moving to Albuquerque in 2002, Seth performed at local coffee shops, bars and festivals as part of the duo, Seth and Jacob.  In 2008, Seth spent a year in Chile, performing music and teaching English. Since his return to Albuquerque, Seth has been an elementary school teacher during the week, and a musician in the evenings and on the weekends.

        In 2015, Seth won a Fulbright Scholarship for Distinguished Teacher, and he performed and taught in Wellington, New Zealand. He performed in various, clubs, festivals, markets, and events during his time in New Zealand.

      In 2016 Seth’s bilingual multi-media book “Janie and the Hummingbird” was published.

      Seth is a storyteller in between songs as well as during the songs. His music is inspired by his own personal experience, nature, travel, conversations and dreams. He has written about 300 songs and plays more than a dozen instruments, including the guitar, mandolin, ukelele, banjo, strumstick, and harmonica.

     Seth has released 8 solo CDs: We’re All On The Same Side, Strumtimes I Feel Happy, Be Kind to Others and Have a Good Time, Set Yourself Free, Four in the Morning, Days Go By, Butterfly, and Seth in Chile.