July 2018 Blog

It’s technically November, but I wanted to go back and include blogs and events from past months. Fortunately, I’ve been keeping a pretty detailed journal, so I am looking through the pages to decide what to write about.

This month I have made many new friends at Haifa University. Some through my ulpan course, some through tennis, some through ping pong, and some playing music.

I was asked to play some music and lead some songs for the International School Shabbat dinner event.

I don’t play too much music in my dorm room because I don’t want to disturb anyone. I’m mostly focusing on studying Hebrew and connecting with people when I can. I love my Hebrew teacher, she is so sweet. She minds me of my Grandma Franka.

I don’t feel homesick at all yet. I was a little (a lot) sad when a possible love connection didn’t go as I’d hoped. Wow, twice in one year. This made the decision easier to decide to stay here a while, since the woman was not here. Let’s see how things go…


June 2018 Blog

This June is a very transitional time. Most of the month has been packing up my house, finalizing my travel plans, saying my goodbyes (or see you laters). I’ve got many gigs this month, which I love, but it’s also a challenge to get everything done.

I’m excited to dive into the great unknown. We shall see what lies ahead.

May 2018 Blog

Life has been full with lessons, playing gigs, writing songs, and planning the next year of my life.

I was feeling a bit stuck in a rut, even though I was doing many things I love.  I had to come to my own rescue and shake things up. Next month I will venture out to Israel to study Hebrew and have some new life experiences and see what shows up.

Stay tunes to see how things turn out. I’m sure excited to see how it all goes.

April 2018 Blog

Spring is in full swing, and that often brings about change. Though I love my life and community here, I feel a strong drive to explore someplace else for a while. In my lifetime I’ve learned to listen to the signs around me. My plan for now is to study Hebrew in Israel for two months this summer. As with anywhere I go, I will seek out musicians and musical opportunities. I would like to collaborate and write new songs in Israel in both English and Hebrew.

I had a renter lined up to rent my house, but she recently learned of a medical condition that will prevent her from being able to do that. Is this a sign for me to stay? I think it’s just an obstacle. Hopefully, by next month this will all be squared away. Also, I will go to Florida next week for an interview to see if I qualify for a certain type of visa that would allow me to work in Israel and stay there for an extended time.

In the past month I’ve also done some dating, but I have no love stories to speak of.  We’ll see what the next month will bring.

March 2018 Blog

Do you write in a journal? Do you record your thoughts and life’s events in some way? It can be helpful to untangle the brain and then look back on. I’ve thankfully been quite busy this past month with gigs and teaching. Last month I received a message from someone who had bought my CDs for her kids some years back. She said, “You don’t know me, but you (my music) are in the car with us just about everywhere we go.” She said I probably don’t realize how many people’s lives I’m a part of everyday. That really made me smile. Anyway, she had also shared my music with her family in Flagstaff, Arizona. She asked if I would be open to coming to Arizona to play at several schools. They set it all up for me. I played a house concert on a Sunday evening, stayed the night (in a lovely Air BnB they provided) and then played music at 5 different schools on that Monday. All in all, it was a really amazing time, and I was compensated generously. It was special to meet all these people who have been listening to my music for years.

In my own journey, it’s looking like I will go to Israel to study Hebrew and see what ever else presents itself. I was feeling a bit stuck or stale, and world travel certainly wakes up the soul. By next month, I imagine things will be more confirmed one way or another. If Murphy’s Law works as it often does, I’ll likely fall in love and have a major dilemma about going. Okay, maybe not but you never know. I have been thinking a lot about my future, and if I will have a family of my own one day. I’ve always seen that for myself and hoped that would be part of my story, but I guess we just never know. Wishing you all the best on your journey.

February 2018 Blog

Just when I was getting all in a funk, I was standing outside by a campfire, looking up at the moon. It’s as if I saw the other side of the coin. I was looking at the rusty worn out side of the coin. Then it’s as if it flipped over, and I saw the glorious shiny side of the coin – and my situation. That is the fact that I am incredibly free. Maybe more free than I’d like to be, but that’s just my reality. I got to thinking, what would really be exciting? The idea of living in Israel for a period of time just lit me up. I’ve always wanted to really learn Hebrew. I know the basics, but I’d like to become fluent. I would certainly also play music and learn and write Hebrew songs. I feel like I’m ready for another world adventure. So, I’ve been planting the seeds to study there and obtain a visa so I can find a teaching job there. Stay tuned to see how this story unfolds.

January 2018 Blog

Here we are, another start to another year. I have a good feeling about this one. It’s 2018, and 18 is a very special and lucky number. In Judaism, the number 18 means “chai” which means “life.” That’s where the phrase “l’chaim” comes from when you hear people make a toast, it means “to life.”

I wish you much strength throughout this chapter. “What’s it all about?” you might ask. Well, here’s my thought on the matter. Consciously, put your time and energy into what you really believe in your heart to be important. If you can look back on a lifetime or a year or even a minute feeling truly in harmony with how you spent your time and energy, I believe you will be a happier and healthier person. Give it a try. Everyone in your life will thank you for it.

There’s so much in this world that we can’t control. Rather than focus our attention on what’s out of our hands, focus on what you can do in your own world and community and family. You are the most powerful person in your world.

Let this be a year of happiness, peace, passion, play, music, creativity, good health, person growth, connections, nature, laughter, and everything else that fills your heart and soul.

December 2017 Blog

Good day to you, I wish you well in all that is happening in your life. It’s been a full month for me. I went to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving to spend time with family, wrote a few new songs, had many houseguests, experienced some love and heartbreak, taught many classes, have been both following and avoiding the news, and I am currently in a spell of very poor sleep.

December can be a challenging time for many of us with fewer hours of daylight, pressures of the holidays, remembering loved ones who’ve passed on, and just trying to stay warm. Those of my friends in the Southern Hemisphere (Chile, New Zealand, etc) I hope you’re enjoying the coming of summer. To all of you, I send you good wishes.

I want to use this blog post to let you know that you’re not alone with your struggles. Keep hanging in there, and let your friends and family be there for you. Sometimes it can really help to be there for someone else and be an open ear or lend a hand to another. Look to your creative outlets to untangle what’s happening in your mind and emotions. Find opportunities to be active and outdoors when the opportunity presents itself.  And remember, Setherino loves you.

November 2017 Blog

Good day to you. Life has been full with performing music, writing songs, and teaching various lessons. I’m extremely grateful for the work I get to do. Most of my work feels like play, and that is truly a gift. I’d like to share a few highlights of the past month.

Once per month I perform music at three different assisted living communities. I have been playing music for them for about 6 years. It is incredibly fulfilling to see and feel the room come to life. I play a combination of original songs as well as some classic cover songs they know. I love to do this song called “The Color Song” with them, and each time we come up with new verses, so it’s never the same twice. Lately, I have also been bringing little egg shakers, and I pass one out to each resident (and the caretakers as well). I play guitar and sing, and everyone shakes along. Even folks that can barely move are able to make a sweet sound by holding the shaker in their hand. We always end the session with “You Are My Sunshine.” After the show, I go around to each person and shake their hand, look them in the eyes, and I tell them how wonderful it was to see them that day. They look back so deeply in my eyes, and I cherish each connection. It fills my heart, and I feel so blessed for these afternoons.

Another highlights was playing for a beautiful wedding. The weather allowed for an outdoor November afternoon ceremony. The couple has requested a few songs to play during the wedding. The love between the couple as well as the love that was overflowing from the guests was so touching. Later at the reception I was asked to play Hava Hagila. People lifted up the couple each on a chair and danced them around, and others danced the hora. It was a rousing rendition of Hava Nagila, and the room was bursting of spirit and joy and love and connection and smiles.  I felt so honored to be part of this special occasion.

These are some of wonderful days at work. Wishing you all the very best is your work and play, and may the two overlap as often as possible!

Hello from Setherino!

Greetings from Setherino Bambino. What’s new, what’s new? I’ll update every couple weeks to share what’s going on. At the moment, I’m playing gigs as much as I can, teaching many types of lessons (guitar, ukulele, songwriting, looping, etc) and continuing to write songs.  Some of the projects the that should be coming out within this coming year are my book and app called “Janie and the Hummingbird / Juanita y el Colibrí.” Perhaps, you’ve heard the song? Also, I’m awaiting the release of my first Hebrew album, “Livin’ the Chai Life,” which will be coming out on Cindercone Records.

My band, The Temporary Tattoos, recorded our first album a few backs back. It should be available in early 2018.

I hope you’re doing well and wishing you all the best with everything happening in your life. Please feel free to send me a message with questions or comments. Take care for now!

Hasta luego,  Seth