October 2018 Song of the Month

Wicked Game

My generation grew up with song, and I would say equally or more so grew up with the music video, as MTV and VH1 were staples in our everyday culture.

This is a great song to play with a looper. If you’ve never tried it, give it a whirl.

I’m performing here at a place called  in the Hadar neighborhood of Haifa. It was an absolutely gorgeous night. The people were kind, attentive, generous, engaging, and all around good spirited. Thanks to my friend Shimon for filming this video.

September 2018 Song of the Month

Deep Elem Blues

I was called up to play a few songs with this rockin’ band in Haifa, Israel at a place called Mayaana Habira. We’d never met nor played together. Some friends of mine who’d heard me play are friends with the owner and perhaps also with members of the band. Someone talked to someone who talked to someone, and there it was. I just called the key, and we were off to the races. That’s the magic of the blues, and the beauty of music in general.

I was in the computer lab at an English Institute I was teaching at in Santiago, Chile. I got to chatting with another teacher I had just met. When I told her I played music, she said, “You should play ‘Deep Elem Blues’. I’d heard of the song, but wasn’t too familiar. Thanks, Leslie.


August 2018 Song of the Month

Comfort Zone (or maybe called Started Slowly)

I wrote and recorded this playfully introspective tune in about 15 minutes. This was the first time I’ve experimented with the app Acapella (which allows me to be playing various tracks and be in all four frames.

This is a song about being humbled with day to day challenges and feeling like I’m not learning and progressing well enough or fast enough. Music helps untangle these thoughts. It doesn’t make the doubt and troubles go away, but it makes it easier to be in the moment.

July 2018 Song of the Month


This is my first song that I’ve written in Hebrew.

I had to do a presentation for my Hebrew Ulpan class.

I presented about friendship and the appreciation for music.

I wrote this song for this presentation.



April 2018 Song of the Month

This month I have been thinking about all the different sides to life and to people and ourselves. This song is called “A Little Dab of Everything.” The videos clips are from Burning Man, Australia, New Zealand, and other travels. I experimented with different loops and beats.

March 2018 Song of the Month

This is my 2018 Tiny Desk Contest submission. The title is called “Basket Case.” This song is for anyone who has ever felt like a basket case (defined as feeling useless or unable to cope). Hopefully, you can’t relate to feeling this way, but chances are, you have felt this way before at one time or another. Just know, you’re not alone, and I wish you the very best with your joys and struggles. For what it’s worth, Setherino loves you!

January 2018 Song of the Month

For some of us, the holiday season is a joyous time of celebration of family and loved ones. For others, it can be a deeply challenging and lonely times. I definitely experienced both of these. Sometimes music can really help get through hard times, when it feels like we live in a “Mad World.”

This song was written by Tears For Fears (Roland Orzabal), originally out in 1982. I hope you like this song, and let yourself feel it all. Don’t get down on yourself for feeling down. Remember, Setherino loves you.