June 2018 Blog

This has been a very full last month in New Mexico and the USA. I’m glad to have played so many gigs before I left. It was nice to see so many friends both old and new. In this time leading up to my great journey, it’s nice to play music. That always puts me at ease and feel at home  no matter where I am.

I’m writing this blog from the airport in Seattle. My planned journey for these 24 hours: Albuquerque -> Seattle -> Frankfurt -> Prague.  I’ll spend a couple days I. Prague visiting some friends, and then I’ll continue on to Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and then Haifa).

I’m still trying to get my Albuquerque house rented out, and I have faith that will happen. Who will I meet, where will I go, what will I see, what will I do, where will play, what will I write?

I wonder how you’re doing and what you’re dealing with. I wish you all the very best on your journey. Feel free to drop a line and say hello. Take care!

April 2018 Song of the Month

This month I have been thinking about all the different sides to life and to people and ourselves. This song is called “A Little Dab of Everything.” The videos clips are from Burning Man, Australia, New Zealand, and other travels. I experimented with different loops and beats.