July 2018 Blog

It’s technically November, but I wanted to go back and include blogs and events from past months. Fortunately, I’ve been keeping a pretty detailed journal, so I am looking through the pages to decide what to write about.

This month I have made many new friends at Haifa University. Some through my ulpan course, some through tennis, some through ping pong, and some playing music.

I was asked to play some music and lead some songs for the International School Shabbat dinner event.

I don’t play too much music in my dorm room because I don’t want to disturb anyone. I’m mostly focusing on studying Hebrew and connecting with people when I can. I love my Hebrew teacher, she is so sweet. She minds me of my Grandma Franka.

I don’t feel homesick at all yet. I was a little (a lot) sad when a possible love connection didn’t go as I’d hoped. Wow, twice in one year. This made the decision easier to decide to stay here a while, since the woman was not here. Let’s see how things go…